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Despite being over thirty, despite not having the right qualifications or experience, and despite not knowing quite how I was going to go about doing it, two years ago I decided to retrain as a physiotherapist.

A few days ago, I started as a 1st year physiotherapy student at my first choice university. It’s been a difficult journey to get here, and the information I found online while researching my career change wasn’t always helpful or motivating. I’ve also still got a long way to go. In this blog, I’ll document the aspects of my studies and university life as a mature student that I think might be useful to anybody in a similar position as I was not so long ago. I’ll also be blogging ‘Back Track’ posts that discuss some of the challenges and problems I faced getting onto my current physiotherapy degree.

I’m also a keen but decidedly mid-pack marathon runner so I’ll be using this blog to document my training, fitness, and nutrition journey as it progresses. I started running for weight-loss purposes back in 2008. I’ve swung from being very unfit, extremely fit and fast (for me), and somewhere in-between (right about now). Recording my training here as I target a spring 2016 marathon will keep me honest, but more importantly I want to record the start of a path that has life-long health and fitness as its goal rather than short term goals such as race times or numbers on a scale.

So that’s me! I’d love to hear about you too. Drop me a line, here, or share your thoughts in the blog comments. If there are any specific questions you want to ask or topics you want me to cover based on the above, let me know.

Catch you soon, Vee Uye.



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  1. Good luck, Vee! I’ll be watching this with interest, as I’m planning on starting over/retraining for a STEM career next fall. Right now I’m brushing up on maths, which I’ve not studied in 26 years. It’s very challenging!

    1. Nice to hear from you, Kate! I hope it remains relevant for you. Any specific questions or topics you want me to talk about, let me know. I had to gain two maths qualifications so I feel your pain! But it can be done so take heart. Keep me posted on your career change.

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