About Vee Uye

Physiotherapist based in Manchester

My name is Vee Uye. I am a HCPC registered and Chartered Physiotherapist based in Manchester, UK. I’m also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, endurance runner, and fitness enthusiast. I graduated from the University of Salford with a First Class Honours BSc in Physiotherapy.

Running Biomechanics Researcher

Currently, I work as a sports physiotherapist at Athlete Matters. I’m also a member of a clinical research team providing 3D biomechanical gait analysis at the Running Performance Clinic. I am currently embarking on a postgraduate degree that seeks to characterise optimal running biomechanics and mitigate the risk factors for running related injuries.

Running, running, and more running

You may have guessed it – I’m passionate about running. It was my gateway drug into fitness. I started out as a not very fit and certainly not very fast Couch to 5ker.

As a mid-pack runner, I still won’t be breaking any records but I’ve completed 6 marathons and enjoy training and racing for distances from 5k upwards. I’ve also gained certification as a Run Leader and Visually Impaired Guide through England Athletics.

Vee Uye Physiotherapist based in Manchester

I understand running and runners. Whether you’ve been training for decades, or you’re just catching the running bug, I can help you achieve your goals, maintain your health and fitness, and combat injuries.