The Simple Path to Success on Medium: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Changes to the Platform’s Algorithm.

Everybody makes money when the market is rising. But what determines whether it will make you wealthy or leave you bleeding on the side of the road is what you do during the times it is collapsing.

J.L Collins.

People are starting to panic. I can tell because my feed is full of stories worrying about the Medium algorithm. Some of the writers I most admire are getting twitchy about their long term prospects. Their views are plummeting, income streams are falling, and the sky is crashing down all around.

I’m new around here so read on at your own peril, but sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can offer valuable insight.

I get it. The changes are hitting writers squarely in the pocket. I’m not in that coveted 8% of top earners on Medium yet so my financial security isn’t at risk in the same way. But holding my nerve still costs me creatively. I’m still contributing. I’ve still got skin in the game.

My opinion, since you asked, is the changes Medium is making will end up being net positive. Every system should evolve or risk stagnation. The real danger is in abandoning ship every time there is a minor course correction. We’re still heading in the right direction.

If you’re serious about financial freedom, you’ve already come across The Simple Path to Wealth by J.L Collins. No, the book isn’t about Medium, but it’s take on investing in the stock market is exactly the thinking we need right now.

The stock market remains one of the most powerful ways to create wealth that exists. This holds true even in the middle of a pandemic. The value of the S&P500 – which we can consider a proxy for the market as a whole – has increased in value by more than 630% over the last 25 years.

Investors that held their nerve during the recessions and crashes of the last quarter of a century would have seen that 630% increase in their investments. Those that cashed out in times of crises inevitably lost money.

Realize the market and the value of your shares will sometimes drop dramatically. This is absolutely normal and to be expected. When it happens, ignore the drops and buy more shares. This will be much, much harder than you think. People all around you will panic. The news media will be screaming Sell, Sell, Sell! […] Ignore them.

J.L Collins

Abandoning Medium at a time when it’s going through a course correction is the equivalent of cashing out your shares during a recession. Instead of panicking, we should instead recognise the opportunity to be gained from mass uncertainty.

Medium is not dead, and it’s not too late for new writers to get a slice of the action. The best time to start on Medium was 2012. The next best time to start is right now.

E.V Williams affirmed back in October that the number of Medium subscribers is growing at least as fast as the number of writers, ensuring that there is money to be earned on the platform going forward.

And despite the page view hits many top writers are reporting, page views overall have increased exponentially through 2020.

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Medium is confident in the continued growth of its platform over the long term. As writers, we should take comfort in the upward trend of subscribers and continue to invest in the platform by producing quality content even when the sky seems to be crashing down around us.

Think of your stories as your dollar investment. When views are high, write. When views are low, write! Uncertainty will shake off the writers flocking to the platform who don’t possess your courage to see things through. They will give up at the first hurdle because showing up consistently, day after day, even when the rewards aren’t obvious or immediate, is hard.

And if you truly love to write, if it’s honestly your passion, what does it cost you to ride this page view blip out? Nothing but the creation of a portfolio of quality content and the joy of doing what you do best.

Now go, invest!

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